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Uploaded on April 13, 2016, 3:09 a.m. by SiIvaGunner.

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[Archived by: MPH] Hi, everyone! To kick off this new account (because YouTube took away my old one) I created an album of 27 high quality Metal Gear rips! I split it up into two discs, so you'll be able to make your own physical copies of my rips! Disc 2 ended up having one more song than Disc 1, so I just included a Flintstones rip, because for some reason, fans of my channel really seem to like the Flintstones. Download Links: (Note: If you have trouble opening the ZIPs, try using the program 7-Zip.) MEGA: -MP3 with Lower Quality Art:!SN8iCbSK!DiIiEqtdjNT9sUdu9LU61JhcHlkGG2JO3HXwuMl9zdo -MP3 with High Quality Art:!TUllGQBb!DwzJkEKQA6SDtZye_UCZaUDrz7UxwTyEu8-U58_MX9w -FLAC:!GFcmSQCD!wF2nbKJ0pW4FuvVZfuyqxO77_OMIXyFnqPB-Q2TFnBM DRIVE: -MP3 with Lower Quality Art: -MP3 with High Quality Art: -FLAC: Album Playlist: Normal uploads begin again in 24 hours! EDIT: Shoot! The artists and title names were corrupted again. Sorry for the inconvenience.